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mvt. I

The Music Man Symphony No.1 mvt. I

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The Concept



The Music Man Symphony No.1 mvt. I is the debut album by classically trained musician and hip hop artist Cooney. This concept album blends classical orchestration with hip hop beat making. Cooney's take on the modern symphony is here with gusto.
A classical symphony traditionally consists of four movements performed together with a brief pause between each. This album is the first movement of Cooney's "The Music Man Symphony No.1" with a total of six tracks. The first track is the complete Movement
I to be played in its entirety to allow listeners to fully realize Cooney's vision for the beginning of the symphony. The rest of the album is the movement broken up into five separate tracks. "mvt. I" is written, recorded, and produced entirely by Cooney and contains dozens of different instruments, fully scored for an orchestra to perform. A combination of classical orchestral, hip hop, pop, jazz, and even a touch of polka blurs genre lines allowing the listener to be transported to an entirely new place within music. "mvt. I" lyrics touch upon topics within todays music industry as well as the dreams and struggles that go with the journey. #joinmvt1 along with Cooney as he drives us into a new sonic world.


Interested In Performing With Cooney?

If you play an instrument at a professional level we would like to hear from you. Cooney is looking for musicians all over the world to perform with.



Cooney is a classically trained bass trombonist, pianist, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who holds a degree in Bachelor of Music from the Ithaca College School of Music. New York born and raised, Cooney has always had a love for hip hop and beat making, songwriting, and producing tracks for artists and himself. He has performed at Carnegie Hall, with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra alongside Brandford Marsallis, and countless other prominent venues and artists.

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